Welcome to The Precipice

“It looked like just another ugly wreck, drifting through the wandering stars, but this collision of mooring spars and walkways had drawn a feeding frenzy”

“Ships from every corner of the galaxy were huddled at its anchorage points, their captains all busy chasing the same alluring nightmare. The Blackstone Fortress.”

The Precipice is a space station on the outskirts of The Blackstone Fortress which attracts adventurers, villains and bounty hunters from all over the galaxy. This creates a huge number of modeling opportunities as literally anything could show up on this mess of ships and boarding planks.

That is why I have started this blog: to showcase the wide array of creatures that inhabit The Precipice. Over the coming weeks I plan to fill this blog with menagerie of weird and wonderful creations.

And of course, The Precipice is open to all so if you feel you have something worthy of being featured email it to theprecipice98@gmail.com and I’ll put it on the blog. 🙂


A very old goblin

Snarsnik can’t remember when he first set foot on Precipice. Some people say he was one of the founding council that first established Precipice, others that he was a washed up drunk who got stranded on the space staion after his burna bomber blew up.

Now, Snarsnik works as a hired gun, offering his skills to the highest bidder. He has become a feared face on the streets, terrorising the Dromeplatz and the lower levels, searching for his next target.

Im pleased with how vibrantly this guy turned out. I really pushed bright highlights and bold colours. This sculpt is one of my favourites and was a pleasure to paint.

Chaplain Cassius

Chaplain Cassius is a venerable member of the Deathwatch who was sent to The Precipice to investigate a mysterious alien being known as the beast(more on the beast soon).

However, Cassius also acts a law enforcer on The Precipice, inflicting the Emperor’s justice on many renegades and heretics. This has made him the enemy of several violent gangs and cults.

Im really pleased with how Cassius turned out. I used glosses and glazes to give the black armour a nice shine and spent time carefully highlighting the rivets and bolts.
Im also really pleased with the face and the scar on one of his eyes.

C + C and ideas for the base are very much welcome.

Culexus Assassin

A simple conversion I did to represent a culexus assassin. He is armed with a fusion ball which is designed to fry psycher’s minds.

The body and arms are from the old tau fire warriors with some slight pose alterations, the head is from a chaos charioteer and the wire is from the negavolt cultists.

I’ll have more of this guy soon when he is painted up.

What I’ve got planned

I’m still working on my lighting setup so as that is being sorted out I thought I’d post a list of what I’m working on at the moment.

  • A group of proctors, the law enforcement of The Precipice.
  • The main characters from the Blackstone Fortress game and book
  • Various bounty hunters including a faceless alien, a Kabal of Dark Eldar, some very old orks, a rogue space marine who works for the highest bidder and an Escher sniper.
  • A group of mechanised orks led by a flash git and some Soviet goblins.
  • Various cults and monsters that inhabit the dreaded lower levels of the Dromeplatz.
  • A Goliath gang to represent Bullosus, the antagonist of the Blackstone Fortress novel, and his goons
  • A Cawdor gang to represent Taddeus’s group of deranged fanatics.
  • The Traitor Guard from the BF boxset
  • Loyalist Guard in the same colours as the traitors led by the new Black Library Commissar.
  • A group of tech thralls.
  • The Right Honourable Vigilus Mining Corp, that is definitely NOT a genestealer cult.
  • A killteam board.

All of this will be appearing on the site in coming weeks so stay tuned!